Leading AI Transformation: Moody’s drives pragmatic AI innovation to help employees and customers around the world

For over 100 years, Moody’s Corporation has been helping organizations make better decisions through data—believing that understanding risk is the best way to get ahead of it. Working with Microsoft, the company is developing new generative AI-powered solutions to help its employees and customers around the world decode risk and unlock opportunity.

“I would say this is one of the most energizing, most interesting, maybe most inspiring moments certainly in my career, I think maybe of our generation,” said Stephen Tulenko, President of Moody’s Analytics.

From its internal copilot tool helping employees gain productivity to a first-of-its-kind search and analytical tool helping customers generate new insights and save time, Moody’s is driving pragmatic AI innovation to empower the financial services industry.

Read Judson Althoff’s LinkedIn article to learn how we are working together and how Moody’s is meeting its mission to deliver bold, clear and perceptive insights supported by groundbreaking technologies.

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