Michael Lewis and Martine Rothblatt (#749)

This episode is a two-for-one, and that’s because the podcast recently hit its 10-year anniversary and passed one billion downloads. To celebrate, I’ve curated some of the best of the best—some of my favorites—from more than 700 episodes over the last decade. I could not be more excited. The episode features segments from episode #427 “Michael Lewis — Inside the Mind of the Iconic Writer” and episode #487 “Dr. Martine Rothblatt — A Masterclass on Asking Better Questions and Peering Into the Future.”

Please enjoy!

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#749: Michael Lewis and Martine Rothblatt

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  • [04:13] Notes about this supercombo format.
  • [05:16] Enter Michael Lewis.
  • [05:54] Why Michael quit his well-paid job to become a full-time author.
  • [12:58] Liar’s Poker is a cautionary tale, not a how-to book.
  • [15:16] On ambition and the metrics of success.
  • [18:31] Maximizing self-satisfaction, optimizing the writing process, and learning to sing.
  • [20:51] The value of having an impolite editor on your side.
  • [23:52] On the merits of productive laziness.
  • [28:13] How Michael determines if a project should proceed.
  • [29:51] Michael’s billboard.
  • [32:45] Enter Martine Rothblatt.
  • [33:14] Martine’s appreciation for Alan Watts’ book on human identity.
  • [35:34] Martine’s thoughts on AI-human coexistence in the movie Her.
  • [36:31] BINA48 and realistic human simulations in media.
  • [39:53] Martine’s role models and inspirations.
  • [41:20] When Martine started a biotech company to save her daughter’s life.
  • [52:44] Glaxo Wellcome’s misconceptions about Martine’s successful drug.
  • [56:17] Martine’s interest in satellite communication systems.
  • [1:00:33] Promoting scientific literacy and curiosity.
  • [1:05:20] Questioning authority and Martine’s transgender journey.
  • [1:10:28] Martine’s non-binary gender identity.
  • [1:12:34] Key decisions in Martine’s transition.
  • [1:13:28] The need for genetic information protection laws.
  • [1:16:00] South American population and organ transplant research.
  • [1:21:42] Vagus nerve manipulation for various therapies.
  • [1:31:25] Martine’s Alzheimer’s cognitive enabler patent.
  • [1:38:17] The Rothblatt family’s “love nights” tradition.
  • [1:43:54] The possibility of machines experiencing love.
  • [1:49:20] Ethical considerations for future technology.
  • [1:52:44] Current practices future generations might view as barbaric.
  • [1:57:42] United Therapeutics’ zero-carbon-footprint headquarters.
  • [2:00:32] Refurbishing unusable lungs to save lives.
  • [2:04:45] United Therapeutics’ focus on long-term COVID-19 effects.
  • [2:07:26] Martine’s billboard.
  • [2:08:27] Advice for finding positivity in life.
  • [2:11:48] Parting thoughts.


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