Unveiling a new era of Galaxy AI at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung is back again with their annual Galaxy Unpacked and this time, it seems Galaxy AI has upgraded most of their everyday products with a more productive approach. To add to that, you have products like the Galaxy Ring which can make your daily life around tech and wellness effortlessly easy and convenient. Dive in to read more about the event and what it was all about.

After teasing their annual event with exciting billboards, Samsung finally came with their Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event. The event began with an announcement of Galaxy AI being present on 200 million Galaxy devices. In fact, this event highlights how the involvement of AI in every Samsung device can boost its utility.

Did you know? The Galaxy AI can speak 16 languages on-device!

What else can you do with Galaxy AI?

Well, instead of a summary, we’ll pick the coolest features on the Galaxy AI that we liked. We think it can truly make a difference to their new range of smart wearables and phones.

Interpreter: We already know that this feature has Ibeen tailored for foldable devices. On the Galaxy Z Flip6 in Flex Mode, users can have real-time conversations in different languages. This includes translations appearing on both the Cover Screen and Main Screen. Things like the Conversation Mode, Listening Mode, Suggested Replies make it a feature you will find super useful while traveling.

Even from the work perspective, Galaxy AI has the potential to do wonders, thanks to features like –

Note Assist: Writing meeting minutes is effortless with Note Assist. It can distinguish among up to 10 speakers to ensure every important detail is accurately captured.

PDF Overlay Translation: It automatically detects content within PDFs and overlays the translated text, helping users quickly comprehend complex materials or documents in foreign languages.

Sketch to Image: Create a simple drawing with the S Pen or by hand and watch Galaxy AI transform it into a finished image, adding graphic elements and colors to your original sketch. By streamlining the creative process, users can focus on their ideas while Galaxy AI brings their visions to life.

Circle to Search: Galaxy’s gesture-driven Circle to Search is perfect for reading signs or cafe menus in foreign languages while traveling. It can automatically detect and translate a mix of languages—such as English, Chinese, and French—displaying the translation over the image instantly. On the Galaxy Z Fold6’s spacious display, Circle to Search becomes even more powerful, enhancing productivity with expanded search results.

With that said, let’s take a look at the latest devices from Samsung with Galaxy AI.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Galaxy Ring makes staying healthy simple and stylish. It’s packed with Samsung’s top-notch sensor tech in a tiny, comfy design that weighs just 2.3 to 3.0 grams. With its sleek concave shape and tough Titanium Grade 59 finish, you can wear it anywhere. Enjoy up to seven days of battery life, and easily charge it with a cool LED-lit case. Plus, it comes in three colors—Titanium Black, Silver, and Gold.

The New Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring connects all your health data to Samsung Health without any subscription hassles. It offers fantastic sleep tracking and AI-powered insights to help you understand your sleep patterns and improve your habits. You’ll get details on sleep scores, snoring, movement, and heart and respiratory rates. It also helps track your menstrual cycle. The ring provides a detailed health report with an Energy Score that looks at your sleep, activity, and heart rate. It also gives you tips for staying in top shape. Additionally, it provides real-time heart rate alerts, auto workout detection, fitness reminders. This includes cool features like gesture controls and Find My Ring. Overall, the Galaxy Ring4 has you covered for a healthier, more connected lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

The Galaxy Watch7 is your ultimate companion for understanding and improving your health. It tracks over 100 workouts, helps you build exercise routines, and even compares your performance over time with Race. Get a full picture of your body and fitness with Body Composition. Plus, monitor sleep with an advanced AI algorithm and a new feature for potential sleep apnea signs.

Galaxy Watch7 also offers real-time heart rate readings and alerts, detects irregular heart rhythms, and includes features like ECG and Blood Pressure monitoring for deeper insights into your heart health. Powered by Samsung’s most innovative hardware, it’s equipped with an enhanced BioActive Sensor for accurate readings and introduces tracking for advanced glycation end products (AGEs) to monitor metabolic health directly from your wrist. With a faster 3nm Processor and Dual-frequency GPS, Galaxy Watch7 ensures a smooth experience and precise location tracking, even in busy cities.

Designed in Samsung’s iconic circle style, Galaxy Watch7 lets you express your personal style with new watch bands and vibrant watch faces. It seamlessly integrates with other Galaxy devices, offering intuitive features like intelligent replies and gesture controls, making everyday tasks easier. Available in two sizes and stylish colors like Green and Cream, Galaxy Watch7 is set to enhance your wellness journey with smart technology that fits your lifestyle.

Samsung Watch Ultra

Introducing Galaxy Watch Ultra, the latest powerhouse in Samsung’s lineup, packed with advanced health tracking and robust features to elevate your fitness game. With a sleek cushion design for added protection and a Dynamic Lug System for comfort, it’s designed to support your active lifestyle wherever you go.

Galaxy Watch Ultra series in 3 color options

Built tough with a Titanium Grade 440 frame and 10ATM water resistance, Galaxy Watch Ultra is ready for extreme durability and can handle altitudes from 500 meters below sea level to 9,000 meters high. It’s perfect for tracking diverse activities like ocean swimming and high-altitude cycling.

Track your triathlon training seamlessly with the Multi-sports tile, measuring everything from swimming to cycling to running. Galaxy Watch Ultra’s AI-powered Functional Threshold Power (FTP) quickly gauges your maximum cycling power, while Personalized HR Zone ensures you’re hitting the right intensity levels. Stay safe with the Quick Button for instant workouts and an Emergency Siren, and after dark, switch to Night Mode for clear visibility. With a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 100 hours in Power Saving mode, Galaxy Watch Ultra keeps up with your adventures. Available in Titanium Gray, White, and Silver, it’s your ultimate fitness companion.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

The Galaxy Z Fold6 introduces a suite of AI-driven features tailored to boost productivity and creativity on its expansive screen. Note Assist on Samsung Notes simplifies meeting notes with translation, summaries, and auto formatting, while PDF overlay translation seamlessly translates texts in PDFs and images. Composer on Samsung Keyboard suggests text based on keywords, adapting to your tone for social media and emails. Enhanced S Pen features, like Sketch to image, elevate creative possibilities by generating image options from sketches in Gallery or Notes.

Partnering with Google, Galaxy Z Fold6 integrates the Gemini app for AI-powered assistance, offering real-time flight and hotel info via Google Maps, and interactive overlays during YouTube videos for instant queries. Interpreter on Galaxy Z Fold6 enhances communication with dual-screen translation during conversations and real-time translation for phone calls across apps. The AI-powered ProVisual Engine enhances photo and video editing with features like Portrait Studio for creative portraits and Instant Slow-mo for detailed, smooth slow-motion videos, all viewed on a vibrant 7.6-inch display optimized for immersive gaming with Ray Tracing and enhanced brightness up to 2,600nit.

The new Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

The Galaxy Z Flip6 isn’t just about being portable; it’s packed with new features to enhance creativity and personalization on the go. The 3.4-inch Super AMOLED FlexWindow now supports AI-assisted functions even when closed, letting you reply to messages with suggested responses and access Samsung Health updates and music controls without opening the device. With FlexWindow, you can multitask by checking multiple Widgets simultaneously and customize your device with AI-powered wallpapers that change based on time and weather conditions.

Creativity extends to FlexCam, offering versatile camera experiences like Auto Zoom, which adjusts framing automatically to capture both subjects and scenic backgrounds hands-free. The enhanced 50MP Wide and 12MP Ultra-wide sensors deliver clear details and support advanced shooting modes like 2x optical zoom and up to 10x AI zoom. Nightography features, now integrated with popular social apps like Instagram, ensure you capture brilliant photos and videos even in low-light conditions, enhancing your social media presence effortlessly.

Galaxy Z Flip6 also optimizes battery life through hardware and software enhancements. It ensures you can enjoy all these creative features without worrying about running out of power during the day.

Additionally, the Paris 2024 Olympic Edition is a groundbreaking release, featuring Galaxy AI for the first time ever. It is tailored to enhance athletes’ Games-time experience right from their arrival in Paris. In fact, it also comes pre-loaded with exclusive services and essential apps. Notably, this edition marks the debut of Samsung’s latest product available to athletes before its official market launch. The Galaxy Z Flip6 is set to shine as the first Olympic Edition to play a pivotal role on the podium.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition

Galaxy Buds3 Series

The Galaxy Buds3 series, powered by Galaxy AI, revolutionizes communication and music experiences. With Interpreter29 on Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6 and Galaxy Buds3 series, you can effortlessly follow lectures in foreign languages. As a result, this helps in breaking down language barriers. Voice Command30 simplifies music control with just two words, freeing you from manually handling earbuds or a connected device. Adaptive EQ and ANC intelligently optimize sound quality in real-time, adjusting to your environment for an immersive audio experience.

Galaxy Buds3 Series

Crafted with comfort and style in mind, the Galaxy Buds3 series features a computational design that fits snugly. The sleek Blade design with Blade Lights32 offers intuitive controls through simple gestures, blending convenience with modern aesthetics. Whether you prefer the immersive Canal Type of Buds3 Pro or the versatile Open Type of Buds3, both models cater to different audio preferences and usage scenarios.

Equipped with advanced 2-way speakers and Dual Amplifiers, Galaxy Buds3 Pro delivers crystal-clear sound quality and supports Ultra High Quality33 Audio for high-resolution music enjoyment. The Super-Wideband34 Call feature ensures clear, natural voice calls in various environments, enhancing communication clarity. Furthermore, Galaxy Buds3 series promotes sustainability with components made from recycled plastics, contributing to a more eco-friendly product lifecycle.

These devices will surely help us understand the future of Galaxy AI and how useful it can be in your everyday Samsung life. So, which one of this are you looking forward to trying out? Share with us in the comments below.

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